The task comes before the image, my paintings are figurative and instruction-based, this hint of freedom is both a result and the point of departure. To execute the task of making a painting of trees in a forest is something very different from merely making a painting of trees in a forest. Every painting becomes the trace of a persistent thinking-doing painting process. It is a thinking of constricted independence that allows light and shadow to interact with the physical aspects of paint in order to create new spaces.

A painting is three-dimensional even if it is painted on a flat surface. It is physical; it contains oil or other binding materials and pigment applied to a surface by human hand. It bequeaths a smell – and something that gives off a smell is in motion. Particles of bind and pigment are in a constant motion. And therefore I believe that a painting ‘breathes’. It is always physical, has neither beginning nor end: it just exists.

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