A glimpse to (I)ndependent People

Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir
Icelandic art centers online review
M.E.E.H. at The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists

A refreshing take on the (I)ndependent people project is M.E.E.H. (Magnús Sigurðarson, Erla Haraldsdóttir, Elin Wikström, Haraldur Jónsson) – a group of artists that had not previously worked together, but was formed out of an interest in collaborating and a feeling that the group would hit it off. Their project was not focused on the final outcome, the exhibition, but instead they put their efforts into communication and dialogues, challenging each other with assignments for a few weeks or months before the exhibition.

For the opening, instead of ostentatiously presenting their experiments, they put up a base for a few days where anyone was welcome to stop by and go through a tiny ritual that ended with an assignment being given to them. That way the project effortlessly reached beyond its borders; at least I heard stories of ambitious assignments joyfully taken on by participants. The site turned out to be a spot for communication and nurturing conversations, essential for an exhibition focusing on collaborations. Perhaps this tiny, low-key project most successfully demonstrated quality collaboration.