Workshop “Difficulty of Freedom / Freedom of Difficulty” Copy

2004, 2005, 2010–2014

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The student learns by using certain methods, start a process in the artistic work. He/she learns to focus on the important working process rather then the result.
The methods are through their own invented ”frames”, ”rules” and ”restrictions”, based on their own invented ”system”, create a piece/work. The workshop in short is about to practically give the students the experience of using methods in the work and how this influences their work. The students will experience that during two weeks they can develop an idea, carry it out and exhibit the result. The freedom of difficulty.

This practical and partly theoretical workshop deals with collaboration that is based on the idea of creating through restraints and restrictions by “made up” systems. The workshop is meant to cast a light up on using methods in the artistic work and intends to make the students develop an arsenal of tools where they can choose from different line of actions in their creating, when ever he/she wishes to “flee” from what is called inspiration.

The course is about to in a practical way provide the students with the experience of using methods in their work and how this effects their work. The meaning is to, in a progressing way, subvert a little their own approach and make them see the possibility in limitations.


Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå, Sweden