Re-Make A Short Story Video Copy

January 2012

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A workshop by Erla S. Haraldsdóttir and Craniv Boyd.

The main theme for the workshop is to “re-make” a well-known and a familiar story, by either: re-making scene from an old film, re-making a classical fable or recreating a distinct memory from the past.

The aim is that the students in a four week period will develop an idea for a short story video, plan it, film it, edit it and present the final result in the end of the period in an exhibition. There by know how to make a video, by having completed each of the steps in creating video art.

We will look at examples of videos and classical movies. Helping to develop the individual students ideas, review the basics in recording with a video camera, editing with Final cut Pro, producing and post-production.


Ateliers 89', Aruba